ENDURA S.p.A is an Intermediate size Italian company counting around 80 employees in Europe, with headquarters located in Bologna, Italy. Its R&D centre (18 people) and the production site are located in Ravenna, Italy.

ENDURA has been active for the past 20 years both in R&D and production by discovering, developing, manufacturing and selling active ingredients. In particular, Endura is an innovative company specialized in active ingredients and synergists for household insecticide products and are the leading manufacturer world-wide of the well-known synergist Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO). Endura also manufactures near Kolkata in India as well as in China, in collaboration with its partner, Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Ltd. and has long-term distribution arrangements with several companies including Bayer Environmental Science , Saltigo GmbH (f and Horizon Sopyrwa (for Natural Pyrethrum). The Company sells via a commercial network established in 35 countries, with stock points in Europe, Australia, South Africa, United States, Latin America and India.

ENDURA’s experience in synthesis of agrochemical compounds is well integrated with its large knowledge in the related legislation to effectively support its activity and partners (to cover regulatory laws and authorizations).

The Company is interested in building up a new plant integrating new technologies to deepen and broaden knowledge in enzymatic catalysis applicable to a number of processes. They were looking to identify an environmentally-friendly alternative to previous manufacturing processes with focus on disrupting technologies. Their constant search for innovation is looking to result in advanced “new” insecticides and “new” synergists, as well as in the implementation of “new” process technologies.

The Company owns more than 40 international patents and patent applications. It is also deeply active in communication and dissemination activities with several scientific papers and presentations to a variety of target audiences. ENDURA is the owner of the international patent claiming the process to obtain dihydrosafrole, the precursor of PBO, allowing ENDURA to keep a predominant position in the world markets and to maintain a leadership role in synergists especially for household application.


Role in the project:

Endura is the final recipient of the full demonstration of INCITE’s agrochemical track.

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