VITO, Flemish Institute for Technological Research

The Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) (with > 700 researchers) implements customer-oriented research projects and develops innovative products and processes.

The multidisciplinary business unit Separation and Conversion Technology (SCT) has organized its strategic research program around the theme ‘Sustainable Chemistry’. In general, SCT is strongly active in bioprocess development, optimization and intensification. It has experience in design and operation of biocatalytic processes, including fermentative and enzymatic processes, and individual or coupled set-ups with or without integrated separation.

Extensive expertise is present on combining multiple functions in one set-up mostly aiming to shift reaction equilibria, improve yields and productivity, enrich target products, tailor the size of a product, improve water balances, reduce energy consumption, etc. The unit has a year-long expertise in the optimization of enzymatic conversions, in stand-alone mode or coupled to membrane separation processes. In particular, a strong expertise is available on the integration of pervaporation technology to biocatalytic conversions and operating the coupled set-ups for prolonged periods of time.

A second focus area of SCT is the development of innovative separation processes. VITO-SCT covers a wide variety of membrane processes for downstream as well as in-situ separation of both aqueous and organic solvent borne process/waste streams to obtain biomass-derived building blocks, for use as/within renewable chemicals and materials.

The overall work is supported by the analytical team that is specialized in a wide spectrum of inorganic and organic analyses in various matrices using state-of-the-art analytical equipment.


Role in the project:

VITO is holding the role of Scientific coordinator and provide administrative support to the coordinator. For the technical part, they are mainly involved in the oleo-chemical track at a pilote scale.

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