INCITE’s concept & objectives are in line with the SPIRE2030 roadmap. Its success will rely on the effective industrial implementation of intensified enzymatic process technologies in the commodity and specialty chemicals industry in Europe.

The core technologies that will be investigated in INCITE are enzymatic conversion, flow chemistry, photoreaction and membrane separation. These technologies are of vital importance for the competitiveness and economic growth of Europe’s chemical industry. Their selectivity, versatility, modularity and adaptability form the foundation for the process intensification that is targeted and will be showcased in 2 different process trains.


The expected overall impacts of the INCITE project is the successful widening of the industrial implementation of enzymatic processes technologies in the commodity, fine and specialty chemical industry in Europe.

To achieve that ambition, INCITE will:


Demonstrate the flexibility, simplicity and modularity of the proposed solutions

More details and ambitions:

AgroChemicals compounds

10% reduction in CAPEX by reducing the size and safety costs of installation

Oleochemical Esters production

50% reduction in CAPEX by easing integration of new materials in current installations


Increase productivity, yield and product purity

More details and ambitions:

AgroChemicals compounds

2-fold productivity increase compared to base care by improving efficacy of the chemical compound

Oleochemical Esters production

20% productivity increase compared to base case by using immobilized enzymes and in situ removal of inhibitory by-products (water)

50% savings in OPEX by drastically lowering temperature & pression operating condition alongside reducing materials and


Reduce downstream processing efforts

More details and ambitions:

AgroChemicals compounds

Yearly saving up to 1500 Tons of solvents by reducing solvents use for downstream processes

Oleochemical Esters production

At least 15% savings in OPEX by cutting down solvent and utilities needs


Reduce energy requirements and environmental impacts

More details and ambitions:

AgroChemicals compounds

Yearly saving up to 100 megawatts of electricity power thanks to simplification of downstream processes

50% waste reduction compared to original processes thanks to overall changings

20% decrease in green-house gas emission by improving active molecules effectiveness

Oleochemical Esters production

60% waste reduction compared to standard process by using less reagent

70% energy savings compared to original processes by overall changings in upstream and downstream processes

75% reduction in green-house process safety gas emission by lowering operating temperature from 210°C to 65°C


Increase process safety

More details and ambitions:

AgroChemicals compounds

70% reduction of hazardous solvent use compared to traditional synthesis by working in closed loop

Avoiding contact with potentially explosive chemicals by working in closed loop 

Oleochemical Esters production

Increased process safety by switching to solvent-free process, drastically reducing working temperature & pression, using non-hazardous biocatalyst


Train the current and future generation of employees

More details and ambitions:

Various academic courses related to flow chemistry

A mix of digital e-learning and in-personal training for targeting to train up 1000 students & 100+ professionals in the field of Green Chemistry. More specifically to INCITE core technologies such as biocatalysis, flow chemistry, membrane technology, photochemistry. We will also focus on business skills by activating knowledge on the use of renewable resources and associated markets & LCA-driven decision making.

Work plan


INCITE works target the production of fine and commodity chemicals for distinct and large markets such as:








Personal care

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