Free Enzymatic Isopropyl palmitate product sample


Interested in INCITE enzymatic isopropyl palmitate?


This ester, which is produced by an enzymatic process with lower reaction temperatures than conventional chemical reactions, could be characterized as a “green product” with the following advantages

  • Higher purity
  • Lower odour score (less VOCs)
  • Lower environmental footprint


You will find below how to get your free sample!*

What will you get?

A 250 mL sample of product grade Isopropyl palmitate and associated legal documents

What will we ask in return?

A moment of your time to give a very valuable feed back on our product!

What do you need to do?

Fill out the form below and everything will be taken care off including shipping costs

* INCITE retains the right to decline requests which may introduce conflicts with the interests of the consortium or individual partner.

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