OLEON N.V is a leading oleochemical company with a worldwide commercial and industrial presence. The company believes in the use of renewable natural resources and specializes in the conversion of natural fats and oils in a wide range of oleochemical products divided in 2 business lines: base oleochemical products and oleochemical derivatives. OLEON is currently the European leader in fatty acid production.

The company has got a successful track record for implementation of new green technologies. In 1988, it was the first company using a low-pressure technology to produce linear fatty alcohols. More recently, in 2012 OLEON converted its fatty alcohol plant in order to make renewable monopropyleneglycol (MPG) out of glycerol. Until now, they are the first and only factory in Europe that makes this renewable MPG. These oleochemical products are used in various applications such as cosmetics, detergents, chemicals, biodegradable lubricants and hydraulic oils, agricultural products, solvents, polymer additives, coatings, inks and paints and food additives.

The production is spread across 5 production sites and OLEON developed a worldwide sales network of 11 sales offices across the main countries of Europe, as well as in the USA, Brazil, China and Malaysia. OLEON’s products are exported to more than 100 countries. In Europe, OLEON is the largest oleochemical company with a market share estimated at 25%. OLEON is a world leader in fatty acid esters, and selling over 25.000 tons of esters in food, animal feed, and personal care, the target markets for enzymatically made products.


Role in the project:

OLEON is coordinating the INCITE project. The company has previously been involved both as partner and coordinator in several projects at Regional, National or European level.

OLEON is mainly involved in the enzymatic esterification process of the oleochemical compounds at pilot and demonstration scales.

Contact: Yann RAOUL

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