Samples of INCITE’s enzymatic isoamyl laurate

 In Non classé

INCITE’s partner Oleon has recently managed to obtain very high quality enzymatic isoamyl laurate (IAL). INCITE is glad to be offering free samples to interested organizations for testing the product.


We need you !

INCITE is glad to provide a free 250 mL sample of enzymatic IAL to interested parties. Do not hesitate to order your free sample now! You can find the sample request form here :

We will individually consider each request and get back to you with a personalized email. In return for the sample, we ask you to give us feedback and to fill out a survey.


Why INCITE project ?

The chemical industry, including pharmaceuticals, represents one of the largest economic sectors worldwide. According to the European Environment Agency (EEA), emissions from the EU chemical industry are significant. Due to this high impact on the environment and the growing concern about climate change and environmental issues, the overall objective of the INCITE project is to develop two important processes with basic biocatalytic conversions using hydrolases and to demonstrate the applicability of chemoenzymatic reactions on an industrial scale.


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